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American Contra Dance evenings  for beginner and experienced dancers

Including Everyone

Anyone can ask anyone to dance, regardless of gender, level of experience and whether you know them or not. 

You can always decline a dance by saying “no thank you”, without giving a reason.

Gender labels do not refer to a dancer’s actual gender. Some callers use gender labels when explaining dances, but it is perfectly normal for anyone to dance either role.

Listen to the caller and walk everything through fully, even if you already know the dance or move. It is helpful for less experienced dancers to see others doing the moves.

Feel free to ask for another walk-through if the dance isn’t working in your set. If you see someone struggling who you think the caller hasn’t noticed ask the caller for clarification or offer (to the caller) to demonstrate the move if your set/partner are happy to do so.

If a fellow dancer is confused the best thing you can do is be in the right place at the right time. Pushing is never helpful.  

Taking care of each other

Respect other people’s comfort zones and limitations. Other dancers may have different comfort zones from yours, or have injuries or physical limitations you don’t know about. Pay attention to your partner’s body language, be gentle when dancing with a new partner and ask “Is it ok if I..” if you’re not sure.

If someone is making you feel uncomfortable by the way they dance, tell them. You do not have to put up with unwanted flirting, touching or anything else which fails to respect your boundaries. You can also report any problems to the organisers. We will listen and do everything we can to resolve the issue.  

Last of all...

Enjoy the dance and let it show!

We are always looking for ways to improve our dances, so please feel free to give feedback. There is a suggestions box on the front desk or just come and talk to an organiser.