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American Contra Dance evenings  for beginner and experienced dancers

Contra dancing evolved in the USA and is based on the European style of Country Dance (Contradense) in the formation of long sets of couples.  

Two adjacent couples interact through a series of moves designed to fit the music being played and also to progress each couple on to the next couple along the line.

The moves are taught (walked through) by the caller before starting each dance and then the calls prompt the dancers for the start of each move in the sequence.

Contra Dancing is popular all over the world where there has been an American influence. Dance evenings are held in the UK in different parts of the country and are also becoming popular at all the major folk festivals.

Bristol Contras are held one Friday each month from October to June.  The evening starts at 7:30 pm with a workshop session for newcomers and experienced dancers. The main event begins at 8 pm and runs through until 11 pm.

As dancers become more experienced they are able to embellish some of the moves with flourishes and twirls adding to the excitement of the dancing.

Bristol Contra is pleased to provide a gender neutral environment and welcomes all dancers.

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